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"Do I go to my son now and I say 'Okay Mike, it wasn't okay with Meghan, although you had a connection, but because I love Erica it's okay? Could you see Camilla sitting at our Passover table, sweetie?You can see Camilla as much as you want, not on a date, not on a weekend.

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"I can definitely see calling Lorraine mom, and now I'm bonding with Michael in a way I've wanted to," Erica said."There's a couple of things that I haven't told you, and that I haven't told your mom," Erica said. Following her revelation, Erica hoped that Lorraine's acceptance of her would help to make Michael's decision easier. I don't know where it's gonna fit in right now for me." Before making their final decisions, Michael, Rob and Jo Jo each had one last discussion with their mothers.However, Lorraine also realized that she would have a tough time downplaying Erica's revelation after objecting to Meghan. Rob said that he had a great time with Lauren but was still undecided and added that Camilla also "had things that Lauren doesn't have." "You're right, and there are a lot of things that Lauren has that Camilla will never get," Esther responded. from Plantation, FL, chose Amanda Myers, a 26-year-old medical student from Kansas City, KS."I definitely wanted Amanda, she's a great girl," Michael said.

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