Minister dating worst online dating profile pictures

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It could cause problems for those who can't handle the fact that the pastor has a personal life and has feelings for someone of the opposite gender.

There is a very legitimate fear that the relationship could go wrong and cause irreparable damage to the minister's "follow-ability." To some it could seem that the minister is putting their own desires before their responsibility for the good of the congregation.

Everything is happening so fast that I'm now being questioned by his congregation about our relationship and if I'm ready to be their First Lady (but we aren't engaged and haven't told anyone that we are dating).

You are not automatically the one who has to escort them in and pour their drink. If you ain’t prayed all this time it is irrelevant now! You are not the first lady just because you are dating. Some people who are serious about ministry have a name and reputation to uphold first and they don’t know when you all are going to break up!

It would look crazy as a man or woman of God acknowledging somebody new every time they preached! The man or woman of God is not acting funny with you because they don’t sit in church with their arm around you or snuggled up in your arms while you all are dating.

What do I do if I decide I don't want to be with him? well, I'm not a member but I enjoy his teaching) I would just like some feedback.

I've never been in this place and it's scary yet I'm walking in it. I was once on the other side (dating someone who did not want to become a pastor's wife) and it did not end well.

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