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At least it was better than the 'Titts1000' she had originally planned to use. Mary stood, pulled the jeans down and off, pulled off her panties, ripped off the blouse as she turned and headed for her closet."Sorry about that, running a little late." came the reply from the man she only knew as 'Capt Flint'. Her bra came next, and the silky robe floated around her naked body, untied as she returned to the seat.This story is fiction, and at no time and in no way does this story intend to portray real life, actual circumstances, actual persons or situations, places, or actions.This story is the product of the author's imagination.His mind wandered a bit, thinking about his ex girl friend Peggy, Peggy Blackett.They had known each other since the third grade, she was a great girl, nice, pretty, studious. She was one of the "Bad Girls", getting drunk, dating boys and leaving them.But she was wearing bluejeans, thick, stiff, new, bluejeans. She didn't understand why she had put them on instead of a silky robe with nothing under. "I'm sorry, I chickened out, and was really too busy to send it, from the time I got up, late, until I got home." she whined. She hoped it would be another of the 'fun' nights that she had come to enjoy so much.

It didn't make sense to him at the time, but he had always remembered it. He knew his mom wanted him to be a model student, model citizen, model everything, and dating a wild girl like Ruth would not fit in, as far as his mom was concerned.

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