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Suddenly she makes a squealing noise and points to an advert she wants to have a look at.The advert is for actors to audition for a play that was being directed by someone my mom had followed for years.

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Mom is in her skirt-suit and looking sexy as usual and sipping on her freshly made orange juice and reading a newspaper.

Jac the director had made his name in armature theatres with very though provoking and boundary breaking productions and has since made art house movies with some big Hollywood names.

Another article in the paper about the forthcoming arrival of Jac in our town speculated that he wanted to do an armature play to find fresh faces for his art house projects.

I remember on opening day Mom sat me down and explained the adult nature of the play but insisted that it was all part of the artistry of the play.

As with a lot of the amateur theatre stuff, the nudity was real but the sex unrealistically implied and mostly hidden by props.

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