Ms access calculated field not updating

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The fact that Microsoft has finally included a streamlined method of providing a history of automated procedures in a central location, is definitely a step in the right direction for providing ease for development and debugging.

Out of the box, the Plugin Trace Log functionality is disabled.

ms access calculated field not updating-89

The execution duration, which was only logged via the plugin registration tool profile record, is also outputted allowing for a better gauge of possible code optimization during code reviews for complex business executions and bottlenecks.

Another example of an unknown value is that it is truly unknown.

If we refer back to the example concerning Henry Thomas contained in the Clients table; when entering the data for this record, you have asked him for the County that he lives in, he may not actually know the county name.

You may see null records here as the fact is the employee won't be paid a fixed salary and an hourly rate, therefore one will always be null.

You must also consider that there is a slim difference between "is not applicable" and "does not apply".

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