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Now what i needed i closed the door and i moved in the chair and kept on telling her you are so beautiful now u must be the eye of every boys in school even now u have so nice face so maintained figure…and at sudden she stops me and ask what is this figure u always keep on telling me the same thing? And she just with some doubtful lustful smile asked me you haven’t seen them in real they are always covered how can you say they are good? I also leaving no time got on her and unhooked her bra from backside in first attempt…and now there were the heavenly boobs rock hard with the black nipples pointing at my dick…I started playing with them and sucking them vigorously for about 15 minutes and then my aunt said aren’t you going to something else or u’ll just remain here…then I went down to her mature pussy I could smell her cunt…oh so womanly smell I just rubbed my hands on her pussy from outside the panty and she was closing her eyes with some soft moans…aaahhhh..ahhhh.asked me to open her panty I did so and I could she there was so dense jungle usually I don’t like hairy pussy…And more it was so wet so I didn’t liked to lick her pussy and played the outer lips with my hand and slowly I started teasing her hole putting my hands around it but not letting it in…she was now shouting oh…yes…aahhaaa..ahhhhh.caught my hand and slid it deep inside in a single shot and just moved her ass…backward and told me.The next day I threw my boxers and went to her just in my half pants.. With too much of eagerness but I kept on saying you’ll yell at me…no leave it I won’t say. Then by that I am sure we both your true horny we had forget we are aunty and bhatij and she without any redness and fear directly asked me you want to see them clearly now?I could see today she was in a maxi usually she always used kurtha…just after guiding her a little I told oh aunty did you forget I haven’t completed about your beauty yesterday…she also with a little smile told me ok tell me what you were to tell me…I didn’t wanted my cousin to disturb us even today cause I totally I had made my mind totally to seduce her so asked her cousins will be disturbing us would you mind if i close the door and with a screwing look told me ok if u want u can…. And with a little courage I put my hands near her body and moved my hand curve from her boobs to ass and showed her this is good figure you have got good chest good back this is what I mean. I got a big bulge and as I was not wearing any underwear my thin cotton half pant my tool just stoop up enough to let her see the bulge…and I could she was just looking at them continuously but was uttering no voice…I guessed now she’s is hot enough to hear any dirty words from and I said I wanted to say you something but you may get angry shall I or not? Then she put her hands on my thigh and smilingly said tell me robin baby what is the thing then I said..actually I always used to stare at you from the terrace of our house when you used to take bath…then she shy said Oh no!! I was shocked to hear her saying this and instantly grabbed her boobs around my fist and started to smooch them hardly from her cloth above and she asked me wait I will make you more comfortable come to bed and she led me to her bed and as she was wearing maxi she pulled her maxi from down to total up showing her white panty which was yellowish I felt little dirty and her bra and asked me to now u will feel easy.Ok so now my rando(male stripper) now get on to real thing show me your cock I just stood on my knee and opened my hold pants she just got a little shocked and told its too bog your uncle have so small and she just caught my full rock hard cock and keep it in her mouth half and more in at a single time and started to suck it like a child sucks lollipop I felt like I was in heaven it felt so good…and as this was my first blowjob I just threw my cum in her mouth in 10 minutes she just ate all my juices without leaving a single drop and again played with it and made it in its size within just 5-6 minutes and figured it to her pussy…she was down and me from above slowly played my dick around her clitoris and hole and made a powerful jerk and my dick was half in and she shouted a big moan aaahhhhhhh!I was surprised how could my dick go in so easily and later knew that she used 9 inch dildo daily as my uncle used to be out of house and he couldn’t satisfy her….after that I slowly played my dick in and out.

Desperate parents leading hardscrabble existences deluded themselves with the fantasy that, somehow, their daughters were going to enjoy more comfortable lives as while earning a little money for the family.

I just hugged her played with her tits and pussy for some more time I again got a full hard on and was thinking to fuck her again but my young cousin started knocking on door and we needed to go and she started getting dressed and kissed me in lips and thanked me and went to open the door promising to do the same tomorrow and pinched in my dick and went….after this I mostly went to aunt’s house than that used to be for some fuck and sex but now mu uncle again had a transfer and they went to chitwan which is far from my city kathmandu.

But later on my aunts small sister marriage I had went there and that time I fucked my aunt and her friend I will write about the story that time some other days.

Till then friends do write to me how was my nepali sex stories and share with me if you have some sex stories of your own …..mails from all over are heart welcome…mail id is [email protected]…..

Dil Kumari was 9 years old when her parents sold her into servitude.

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