Nick broomfield dating

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I read a Newsweek article that was my introduction, I believe in 2010.

Having lived in Los Angeles, I knew about this other part of the city that I never went to that had been abandoned essentially by the rest of the city.

We recently chatted with Broomfield about the motivations, production, and revelations of Tales Of The Grim Sleeper.

Question: So what was it that attracted you to this material?

WHITNEY ‘Can I Be Me' tells Whitney Houston’s incredible and poignant life story with insights from those closest to her.You always let the your films evolve as you’re making them. Did you know about the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders or anything like that?BROOMFIELD: I didn’t know about the Black Coalition.The film shows Whitney and Bobby partying together, including their wedding in 1992, and Broomfield tells Huff Post UK that theirs was a natural meeting of minds, similar backgrounds and shared references: “Whitney grew up in a tough area which makes you understand everything.“She came from a very poor background, it’s even worse now.

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