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It must deliberately attempt to include and assist women to help close the gender gap.”Cryptomoms also have become an emerging culture on You Tube and Facebook.Their accounts and groups tend to have smaller followings compared to larger crypto channels such as “Crypt0,” “Project Life Mastery” and “Ivan on Tech.” Not to mention, they’re a different kind of channel altogether.Susan tells me this is a standard setup for anyone trading cryptocurrencies.When I ask her about the role of the Crypto Mums group in her daily investment tracking, she tells me that’s only part of its purpose. We give advice to each other when there’s problems or when one of the other mums is stressed.There’s an innocence to them; they’re shot on ordinary cell phones with grainy, shaky footage and are largely devoid of special effects, graphics or charts.For the most part, they’re just middle-aged moms, filming from their kitchens and front rooms, looking excited by their ventures into cryptocurrency.“We’re all there to make money, of course, but we all want to help each other make money.

But in October, with the toll of long hours, unpaid overtime and an excruciating commute on public transport, she quit.Since then, she claims to have made more than ,000, or as she says, “More money than I’d ever earned in my life!”The source of her riches: Bitcoin.“I don’t wake up sweating, afraid or stressed anymore,” she says.In fact, it’s become so mainstream that banks and hedge funds are looking at ways it can be used to finance pension plans, healthcare and college education.Not surprisingly then, this boom in popularity has been — for the moment at least — incredibly lucrative.

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