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Berry’s closeness to Chatman through the years could not have gone unnoticed by the athletic department (school officials, after determining that the incident dealt with a former player, informed the athletic department).

This week has been hectic one where I’ve almost spent more time at the airport than I have at home.

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This means the climate control in the i30 has been copping a real work-out…Yes, I’ll agree, this doesn’t sound like the most exciting post but I’ve found it fascinating and it’s going to lead to a larger yarn, two actually, one on how car makers measure the interior temperature of their vehicles via the climate control system, and another on how air-con and climate control differ and work.

Obviously there’s a thermostat somewhere in the vehicle that tells the climate control when the interior of the car has reached the set temperature, and then, like your home air-con system when set to ‘automatic’ will keep blowing warm or cool air to maintain that temperature.

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