Ok cupid dating analysis

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With 17% of marriages sprouting from an online dating service, the formerly desperate activity has lost much of its stigma.

More and more people are uploading profiles to attract a special someone.

Ok Cupid has been a popular platform for people who are polyamorous or are in open relationships, for example.

The anonymity can also feel safer for marginalized communities, such as trans individuals.

This dataset was scraped from active profiles containing at least one photo in June 2012 and made available to the public.

Each profile contains information on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, education, physical features, and more for a total of 31 possible features.

Another concern is privacy, as some people choose Ok Cupid because they don’t want to be public about their sexual or gender orientation, or their relationship preferences.

What insights can these curated self-portraits provide?

The Data The Ok Cupid profiles dataset contains information from 59,946 San Francisco users.

In a blog post that deliberately set out to objectify women (an analysis of men is coming later, the site said) OK Cupid looked at the profiles of 43,000 women between 20 and 27, who lived in the same unnamed city.

The site tallied their site ratings for attractiveness, and compared them against the number of messages they received last month.

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