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There was a lot of fascinating information presented and I have to say that I was very pleased that Oprah did put the focus on teens and dating violence.

I was worried that the ages of Rihanna (21) and Chris Brown (19 or 20?

Crompton-Tetter had previously sought permission from the state of to speak with Jenny’s killer.

Initially the state said no, but after seeing a copy of the Oprah show, they offered Crompton-Tetter an opportunity to meet with him through the Restorative Justice Program.

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The difference for teens is that not only do they face enormous social pressure to have a boyfriend in order to achieve status among peers, but they are also inexperienced when it comes to romantic relationships.I talk about what experts used to think about causes of teen dating violence, and I expand the information I learned while researching my book.” Jenny Crompton was a confident 15-year-old girl—beautiful, intelligent, and outgoing—but one afternoon during homecoming season, her ex-boyfriend, Mark Smith, confronted her in her home and killed her.Vicki Crompton-Tetter, Jenny’s mother, has devoted the 16 years since Jenny’s death to speaking out on the topic of teen dating violence and abuse.don’t lecture or go into theories or statistics,” says Victoria Crompton-Tetter (MA ‘95).“When I speak to professionals, parents, and teens, I give a brief description of Jenny’s story and the resulting journey it sent me on.

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