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The thing I remember from Sheffield, when I was growing up, was characters. I was always attracted to people like that."Ever since he was first interviewed, back in the 1960s, Palin has been talking about writing fiction.

"I saw novelists as being admirable people and I thought…" Palin hesitates. maybe, one day, I could be one of them."Some might question whether publishing houses' insatiable appetite for celebrity authors has enhanced the quality of contemporary British fiction, but Michael Palin, like Hugh Laurie, is one of those who really can write.

It hasn't processed yet for me.' Grey, 50, Massey, 19, and Palin, 20, will compete for the coveted mirror ball trophy in next week's live final.

Legend has it that when Michael Palin answers his front door to a stranger, he will pretend, if necessary, to be his own brother, in order to escape.

Whicker, Palin's predecessor as doyen of the travel documentary (and a figure mercilessly parodied by Monty Python) explored the world much like a Home Counties bank manager who was vaguely perplexed to encounter indigenous peoples whose costumes would radically contravene the dress code at his local golf club.Palin, whose gentle curiosity places him more in the tradition of the late American broadcaster Studs Terkel, approaches people with unfeigned empathy and two other, seemingly incompatible, qualities: diffidence and courage.The presenter of Pole to Pole, Sahara and New Europe has just completed a new four-part series, Brazil, which will be shown on BBC towards the end of this year."Where haven't you been? He thinks for a moment, then replies: "Middlesbrough."Wherever you travel, Palin explains, "people are fascinating.You want them to like you and you want to like them.I find myself especially drawn to people who might tend to be sneered at.

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