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From the picture it appears the stitches are randomly sewn and after two weeks the incision has not healed and remains red and inflamed.

This is so painful to see, not just the physical hurt but the emotional and mental agony of having something done to the body end in a botched job.

Jisung truly nailed every character especially Shin Se Gi and Ahn Yona .again TQ for your help .. @Jc (Numbers represent order which event occured) -3) Ri Jin (not her real name btw) was kidnapped, hidden away in a basement and abused by Joon Pyo.

I just cant forget their chemistry and keep shipping them even if they have there own lovelives! She's like that in every role that I've seen so far, so I think that's just how she acts, but I find it endering. But I could not watch the last 5 episodes, it getting bored and to the point that it's annoying to see the female lead who is trying too much to act cute, and to see Ju Sung shedding tears at almost every scenes.I found myself thinking over a lot of stuff said in this show. especially the lead actress - I'm sure it was mentioned that she's supposed to be very smart but it just doesn't come across. Yes, Segi was sexy, handsome and charismatic BUT he acted like a child.The messages are powerful and equally well delivered by excellent execution. Like the previous comment says, she's constantly screaming and making a fuss out of nothing - no wonder people think she's the patient! He could quite control himself around Rijin but in any other situation he was a VERY dangerous person.2 days ago I decided to watch this drama because I didnt have anything to be watched. a very unreasonable character in this drama is Oh ri jin . act more u r the best actor i have ever seen from the more than 1000 dramas i have watched!!!!!! He really made his love 4 her park seo joon .... None must have noticed it but I think he ahd played an interesting main role in the drama unless Ji Sung. @Cha Do Hyun ~ Thank you so much for your explanation .helps me a lot to understand this drama ..i will keep on watching until the final episode to find out what is that(big plot twist)..I don't have to explain , watchers have to understand it. Kill Me Heal Me is one of the best drama i've watched so far..

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