Photo stream not updating

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Think of it like this: the i Cloud Photo Library is like paying to have all your photos stored in a safety deposit box, and My Photo Stream is like handing a secure copy of your photos to each of your dearest friends, and asking them to look after them for free.

Of course, the easiest way to get rid of that godawful notification?

It accepts proof of citizenship over fax, text message, mail, in person or through email.

The ACLU side The ACLU called Kansas’ demands for copies of birth certificates or other documents out of proportion to reality.

Just give up and give Apple $.99 a month for access to 10 times more storage.

How far must people go to prove they’re really Americans when they register to vote?

Apparently this is such an imminently disastrous situation, Apple deems it necessary to remind you of this problem on a regular basis. But there is a way to banish this unpleasantness from your life -- without paying Apple a cent for extra storage -- and still save a copy of your most important stuff. Before we get into it, let's acknowledge why this notification is showing up in the first place.He knew that he couldn’t successfully register to vote without proof of citizenship.On principle, he said, he won’t provide that documentation to Kobach’s office.Storage & i Cloud Usage, and tap Manage Storage under the i Cloud section.If there are any device(s) you no longer own or use listed there, tap 'em and click "Delete Backup." There's no reason to let whatever crap was on your i Phone 4 hog up your precious 5GB of free i Cloud space. Bear with me while I explain the difference between the i Cloud Photo Library and My Photo Stream.

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