Php code for validating email

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Finally, the code includes PHP commands to re-insert any submitted values back in to the form so they don't have to be retyped in case of an error.The important characteristics of a form handler is that it verifies that the required variables have been set, and that they have appropriate values.When you type a valid e-mail into the e-mail box, the checkmark should appear where the X was like above.If you put in a improperly formatted e-mail like above, it should switch it back to an X.

This will process the string to match the reg-ex and output true or false.The original post can be found over at David Walsh’s website. First we will make the form that will call the functions.I think that using that this php function as well as a reg-ex and running them from an AJAX call should do the trick. Since this will be our user account creator we’ll call it (I’m leaving out the default HTML/CSS as you can do that however you like – you may also note that this file could be an HTML as there is no php in this section – this is just a part of the much larger file that I am working with (-:).Only a few things to note here: the on Blur command in the e-mail textbox is the first.

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