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I have a 1 acre parcel of land 25 miles south of the Grand Canyon. I can build and have all my tools and know building codes also.

I would like to sell it because I have moved abroad and will not use it myself. I am interested in purchasing someplace to retire in AZ but want to live back to basics- any one know of reasonable property for sale where i can raise my own animals and food and peacefully live?

For the record, property west of I-40 is less expensive and crowded than that on the east side - different counties... Insurance for home, autos, barns and ranching was GREAT through "Farmer's" in Williams - Don Dent and his daughter. I wanted to retire in Prescott, but it had GROWN too much!

Delta Beta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.It is isolated, yet we had more friends and social life there (2 miles from nearest neighbor, 4 miles to Hwy) than in any tract home before or since! Yes, we had to truck in our water (500 gal at a time (VERY cheaply) to fill a 2500 gal tank), but added a water PUMP (as gravity was not making it to the bath at other end of house), water heater, solar system and backup generator. The 2-bedroom house existed, while we added an 8,000 sq. barn and raised a couple cows & hogs (for our own use) as well as 40 chickens, rabbits and goats which brought money in for eggs, goat milk, rabbit and goat (meat or) for squiring.The silence, sunsets, stars, and lack of light pollution are GLORIOUS! Also found we could get by on 100 gal of water each per month while the Los Angeles stats are 75 gal of water usage per PERSON per DAY! I could go on forever about the great advantages of this life...HI,there, ya'll, my name is Ernie, I'm looking for some cheap land, preferably, where it's warm & dry most of the year, cause of health issues.I live n my 5th wheel, n small town, east of Tucson. very interested I too have been researching area's to move to in Arizona.

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