Physical intimacy in dating

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Everyone will have different boundaries for what kind of touch falls into what category (just friendly, or sexual/romantic), and those boundaries can be very flexible.

The point is, if you'd like to go from friendly to romantic touch, the way to do that is to those (potential) boundaries and listen to the reactions of the other person.

5 keys to a beautiful connection are clearly presented, which take a very holistic and natural approach to intimacy, including romantic intimacy.

Whether you'd just like some more confidence in expressing affection, or you'd like a deeper understanding of how to build sexual chemistry, this book has something for you.

A very basic example of changing behaviour might be forcing yourself to always offer a hug and kiss when you say hello of goodbye to people you find attractive, if normally you'd be far too shy to do that.In the case where you're close friends but you have romantic feelings, stepping into a new way of relating can feel awkward - and testing out if the other person also has romantic feelings can seem to carry more risk.It's true, there some risk that they might not feel the same, or that they feel uncomfortable after knowing your feelings.Besides that the book made me laugh out loud, for it's being written so funny, witty and personal ! I'm constantly amazed how perceptive and helpful this book is, even to 'old timers' like me; you're never too old to learn.It's a book one can dip into or read from cover to cover and you'll gain something valuable from it each and every time.

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