Play new psp games without updating

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Here's what else you can get from Japan: However, if you're willing to wait till February 22nd, here's the list of confirmed US launch titles, and there's a similar list for Europe.Sure, but only if we're talking about Japanese PSP games, and only those that you download from the Japanese Play Station Store using your Japanese PSN account.Again, the US and European versions of the Play Station Store aren't open for business quite yet, but once they are, your Vita should be fine with the wholly English networks. This is how it's done on the Play Station 3: If you want to switch between two accounts -- say, US and Japanese, or perhaps yours and a friend's -- you will have to factory reset and reformat the Vita hardware.That doesn't mean you'll lose your purchases, which are tied to your PSN account, nor your savegames, which you can keep on a memory card and back up to a PS3 or PC.You can also buy this "First Edition" bundle to get your Vita one week ahead of the crowd.However, if you've got the holiday cash to import one from Hong Kong or Japan, you could be spending the next two months wowing your friends. According to Sony, the Play Station Vita's game cards have no region lock.

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Pocket-lint has taken a deep look at the software patch, and we've detailed everything you need to know below.

Capcom 3 and Blaz Blue: Continuum Shift Extend look like winners too.

Admittedly, those fighters are ports of games currently available on home console, so they're not exactly killer apps themselves.

You should be able put US game cards into your Japanese system (or Japanese cards into a UK system, or HK cards into a US system...) and everything should work just fine.

Downloadable games and content are a different story, though: like with the PS3 and PSP, there are different versions of the Play Station Store for each region, and you can only have downloadable content from one of them... See "I heard you can only have one PSN account per Vita" below to learn more about that. One of the very first things you'll see after you turn the Vita on (after a length introductory video) is a screen where you can set the language for the entire system.

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