Professor dating student policy

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The university did not provide a reason for their non-renewals in letters sent to the instructors or redacted the reason before releasing the information to The Republic.ASU President Michael Crow told The State Press editorial board in December 2013 that ASU takes allegations against professors in relationships with students very seriously."So there have been professors in relationships with students and when we find out about it, they are all fired," Crow was quoted as saying.Last year, Pratt was dismissed on Valentine's Day after an alleged incident with another student.He was fired for violating the university's amorous- ASU's policy required him to disclose the relationship and immediately remove himself from a position of academic authority over the student.She said a more restrictive policy, such as banning all relationships, wouldn't work well."We have students who are 18 and students who are 60 years old. We respect people are adults here and, just like any other workplace, we want to have policies that promote good discretion and good decision making.An overly broad policy, I don't think, would be respectful."ASU's faculty senate last fall rejected a proposal that would have banned romantic relationships between faculty and all students, unless the faculty member received an exception from the provost. They questioned what impact reporting a relationship with a student to the provost would have on an individual's career, such as efforts to get tenure. Hugh Barnaby, an associate professor in engineering, opposed the change."I don't believe in it myself (dating students)," Barnaby said in an interview with The Republic."But I can imagine a circumstance where there is a female nursing student and math professor, and they are both mature enough to make decisions about their own relationship."Current policy:"Faculty members and graduate students with teaching responsibilities shall not have an amorous relationship with any student who is currently enrolled in a course being taught by the faculty member or graduate assistant or whose performance is currently being supervised or evaluated by the faculty member or graduate student.""Faculty and academic professionals are prohibited from engaging in a romantic or sexual relationship with a student over whom the faculty member or academic professional exercises, or can reasonably be expected to exercise, academic or employment authority or influence.

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ASU gave Pratt a written admonishment in 2012 after the allegations by Kunzi, records show.

But he said all students should be off-limits, unless the relationship started before the person enrolled at ASU.

When professors date students, even if they are not in their class, "it creates impressions of unfairness, and it's just not the right thing to do," he said."There are plenty of adult women and adult men in the world.

Those incidents have led to an effort to strengthen the policies.

On Monday, ASU's University Senate, which represents the faculty, voted on a proposal that will be more restrictive than the current policy, which now prohibits faculty from dating students in their classes or students they supervise or evaluate.

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