Pure germans dating

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Both mother and father needed to pass a “racial purity” test.

Blond hair and blue eyes were preferred, and family lineage had to be traced back at least three generations.

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He issued a direct order to all SS and police to father as many children as possible to compensate for war casualties. Many Germans felt the acceptance of unwed mothers encouraged immorality.

Ultimately, there were 10 Lebensborn homes established in Germany, nine in Norway, two in Austria, and one each in Belgium, Holland, France, Luxembourg and Denmark.

Himmler himself took a special interest in the homes, choosing not only the mothers, but also attending to the decor and even paying special attention to children born on his birthday, October 7th.

Himmler encouraged SS and Wermacht officers to have children with Aryan women.

He believed Lebensborn children would grow up to lead a Nazi-Aryan nation.

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