Q tip and janet jackson dating

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The song also incorporates elements of diverse genres such as pop, R&B, folk, jazz, reggae, neo-soul, and downtempo.Co-producer Jimmy Jam spoke about the song's universal appeal and theme, saying "Janet has always been one of those artists that bridges R&B and hip-hop and pop and rock", adding "We really thought 'Got 'Til It's Gone' would be accepted [by all audiences] across the board." Jam also described the song's overall feel as "avant-garde" and "funky"."Got 'til It's Gone" was released as the lead single from Jackson's sixth album The Velvet Rope, which chronicled Jackson's struggle with depression and intimacy.The song features guest vocals from rapper Q-Tip and folk music icon Joni Mitchell, who contributes a sample of her song "Big Yellow Taxi".The song received multiple accolades, including a Grammy Award for "Best Short Form Music Video", and reached number one in several territories.

Michael Musto of the Village Voice reports Janet Jackson is dating Q-Tip, who reportedly is so named because of his large… Of course Janet revealed in earlier interviews that size does matter to her, to the point that she’ll abruptly end a date if she notices otherwise.

In my life, I try to take nothing for granted, even if I don't always succeed." B&S Magazine gave a similar sentiment, saying its theme "echoes the old proverb 'you don't miss the water till the river runs dry'", while Billboard described the track as "a catchy midtempo song about taking nothing for granted." Another account proclaimed the song's melancholic feel and lyrics "awakened listeners to the tortured private life of the young singer." Jackson said she also applied the song's subject matter to "a love scene" and "the concept of love." Jackson discussed "Got 'til It's Gone" and The Velvet Rope album during an interview with Rolling Stone, saying "Singing these songs has meant digging up pain that I buried a long time ago. "And you don't know if you're going to like what you find once you find it. I can honestly say that for the first time, I really like myself. And now, I'm working at learning to love myself." The song is notable for featuring guest vocals from folk music icon Joni Mitchell and rapper Q-Tip, formerly of acclaimed hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest.

Jackson has often mentioned Mitchell as an influence and had previously worked with Q-Tip for her debut film Poetic Justice.

It was performed on The Velvet Rope Tour, All for You Tour, Rock Witchu Tour, and as an interlude on the Number Ones: Up Close and Personal Tour. Even now, there are times when it comes in waves and it will be incredibly painful." As difficult as it had been for Janet to acknowledge those old and very deep wounds, she claimed what the self-examination had done for her self-concept had made the pain worth experiencing.

Speaking about the song's meaning, Jackson revealed "'Got 'Til It's Gone' is about a great lesson learned — appreciate what you have while you have it. "It's not an easy thing to look inward because you don't know what you're going to find," she says.

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