Question to ask when dating someone

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You seem to be close friends, so maybe it's the kind of conversation you could have together, like: I like the idea of dates.I think they're a great way to get to know the person you like. This could be the kind of conversation friends could have, like if they were asking for advice or something.Background One similar question is How to clearly communicate that you're asking someone on a date? I am from India and many girls don't even know that there is a word called "date". Question I have a female friend that I've known for 2 years.

You also said in comments that you have romantic intentions for the "date", but seem to feel that this would not make you boyfriend and girlfriend.

Invite first someone you are interested for short one-to-one meetings in a coffee shop or somewhere in the city just to have a short talk, in that way it will be a less stressful environment, and provides an easy way out if one of the parties is not romantically interested. ' If it is a one day trip that you want, then you need to start with short one or two hour meet ups. Despite the cultural differences they are still woman.

Those first meetings should not last much more than 1-2h. Nevertheless, I personally do not advise to go to cinema.

Since you said that the first official date is something like a "test" for your relationship, why not telling her that you would like to do this test?

You go out for a movie and then you will see if going on with this or just remain friends.

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