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The National Hotline has encountered trafficking and labor exploitation within commercial cleaning businesses that provide janitorial and housekeeping services to multiple private households, office buildings, and other commercial businesses.

Sixty-three percent of hotline cases involved men from Mexico. Most are women and men from Jamaica, the Philippines, and India, and typically they are told that they will make lucrative wages to support family back home. Adults made up the vast majority of victims reported to Polaris-operated hotlines.

Most victims enter the job with an H-2B visa, which restricts visa portability, tying victims to their abusive employer. Labor trafficking in the construction industry usually occurs within small contracting businesses completing tasks such as roofing, carpentry, welding, electrical work, and masonry on both large commercial construction sites as well as in private homes.

Employers may misclassify workers as independent contractors, thus limiting their access to worker protections and benefits. citizen survivors have also been forced to perform construction jobs under the control of fraudulent religious organizations, unscrupulous residential and drug recovery programs, and individuals posing as landlords exploiting a victim’s homelessness.

Others are from the Philippines and the Caribbean or are U. The hotlines also have received reports of labor trafficking in exotic dancing. and foreign nationals) are often victimized in the modeling industry.

While the lines between sex and labor trafficking in strip clubs is often complex, if the adult victim is forced into exotic dancing with no accompanying sex act, this would be classified as labor trafficking. Labor trafficking in athletics often involves boys and young men from Latin America and West Africa, and U. citizen women are the majority trafficked for labor in strip clubs.

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