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In naval warfare they are the stark “bottom line” of antisubmarine warfare.

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The war had been “Vietnamized” a few years previously, but now the news was dire.

EXODUS BY AIR AND SEA During the next two days over 7,000 “official” evacuees were flown from the courtyard of the American Embassy in Saigon, and the Defense Attache’s Office (DAO) compound at Tan Son Nhut Airbase on the outskirts of the city 4.

The unmistakable sound of American heavy helicopters thundering in from the sea and across the city signaled to those below that the evacuation was in full swing.

She was a warship in every sense, an efficient, utilitarian, deadly fighting machine.

Yet some of her finest hours were spent tending pregnant women, soothing terrified little children, and saving the lives of tens of thousands.

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