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Though Roosh says he is not part of the movement—they just have common enemies—his alliance with its leaders was evident at the RNC, where he went to a party Yiannopoulos threw.

Also there: Geert Wilders, the controversial Dutch politician on trial for anti-immigrant hate speech.

-level comparison here is Great Tiger, because this is some serious magician shit. You’ve been on a few dates, somehow overcame the sex elephant, and managed to not get knocked out yet.

You are a solid player whose fighting skills are so masterful they’ve resulted in arriving at a very advanced level in this crapshoot of a game.

We may never see each other again, don’t you want this to be special? You still have to work to fight that elephant in the room that’s basically screaming, “Wait, we’re going to have sex, right? ” It’s often wafting in the air throughout the entire date.Hit me up when you’re back and we’ll figure it out.If someone actually documented the levels of emotion I’ve experienced from getting ready for first Tinder dates, they would Baker Act me.It quickly spiraled from cute outfits and positive thinking to having a burrito waiting for me when I got home, because there was no way I was staying through a dinner.I realize how negative that sounds, and that you should always keep an open mind, and that’s true, you should.

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