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Schrock, a political ally of his Virginia Beach constituent TV evangelist Pat Robertson and a retired U. Navy Captain, resigned after he was outed by a Washington, DC web site. The conservative Washington Times, which broke the underage prostitute scandal surrounding the Franklin Credit Union in Nebraska and the Reagan and Bush administrations in the late 1980s, called on Hastert to resign over the "Pagegate" scandal involving Foley and the other GOP House members. Petersburg Times (now the Tampa Bay Times) reported on the knowledge of top Florida Republicans, including Governor Jeb Bush and Attorney General Charlie Crist, about the Foley-Hastert scandal in Washington: "In a gaggle with Florida's Capital Press Corps Wednesday, Gov.

Jeffrey Ray Nielsen, a Christian fundamentalist activist lawyer who was a legislative aide for California Republican Rep.Nielsen, at the time, was a legislative assistant to Rohrabacher.Prosecutors in Orange County have been accused of dragging their feet on the Nielsen case -- charges that involve political pressure from the GOP." Anonymous Wayne Madsen Report -Dennis Hastert scandal page 2 On October 2, 2006, we reported: "In August 2004, the GOP House leadership, which included Speaker Dennis Hastert, then-Majority Leader Tom De Lay, and Majority Whip Roy Blunt, took no action against Republican Rep.Hastert, without much scrutiny, emerged as the compromise candidate for Speaker, after the GOP deadlocked on Majority Leader Dick Armey (also the subject of various rumors after he called Barney Frank, "Barney Fag") and Majority Whip De Lay.Now Hastert is fending off allegations that he knew about the page problem with Mark Foley for 11 months and refrained from taking any action.

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