Seattle area dating sites

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If you would like to see what places have been remembered so far, explore this Google Maps version below. Submit a new location and filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

Keep in mind, this section is just for tracking the places lost along with a brief description.

Stories, memories, etc should be submitted to The Anthology.

(Note: to avoid duplicates, new places are reviewed before they post to the map, so don’t worry if your submission doesn’t show up right away).

There must have been thousands of people.” - Merrilee Hagen, in an interview with Ghosts of Seattle Past From Shares top honors along with the Dog House on the list of Seattle's dead diners.

Many new artists as well as well known artists were there such as the place burned down soon after it became a soup kitchen.He was all dressed up in his fancy uniform, and had on all the medals and everything. But the crowd took up Alki Avenue all the way from 59th down to 64th.All over the promenade and up the back streets—just a huge crowd.Rachel Kessler, a Central District resident, recently found out that she has family history in the neighborhood: “The address of the old synagogue [where my grandfather was buried] is right where the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute stands.I locked my bike to a stop sign and climbed the stairs to the formal western entrance.

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