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In the years following the emperor's death, generals of the Roman army fought each other for control of the empire and neglected their duties of defending the empire from invasion.Provincials became victims of frequent raids along the length of the Rhine and Danube rivers by such foreign tribes as the Carpians, Goths, Vandals, and Alamanni, and attacks from Sassanids in the east.One of the most profound and lasting effects of the Crisis of the Third Century was the disruption of Rome's extensive internal trade network.

The crisis began with the assassination of Emperor Severus Alexander by his own troops in 235, initiating a 50-year period during which there were at least 26 claimants to the title of emperor, mostly prominent Roman army generals, who assumed imperial power over all or part of the Empire.

Leading his troops personally, Severus Alexander resorted to diplomacy and paying tribute in an attempt to pacify the Germanic chieftains quickly.

According to Herodian this cost him the respect of his troops, who may have felt they should be punishing the tribes that were intruding on Rome's territory.

The Roman provinces of Gaul, Britain, and Hispania broke off to form the Gallic Empire.

After the death of Odaenathus in 267, the eastern provinces of Syria, Palestine, and Aegyptus became independent as the Palmyrene Empire, leaving the remaining Italian-centered Roman Empire-proper in the middle.

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