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It was recommended by my local health food store and I have found it very effective. I struggle to have sex as it's very painful but with Yes I have managed to have some sexual contact with my husband.""I have been using YES WB and OB for about twelve months now. I went through menopause and intercourse was painful. Thank you so much our lives are so improved and with my husband being 15 yrs younger than me this is so important.Hopefully that and using Yes products may see the end of it. ""I had not encountered vaginal dryness and BV before I entered menopause and I have found the symptoms quite distressing. Cancer treatment left me dreading intimacy with my fabulous husband of 20 years. Tried store options, w chemicals, got infections and itched. I love the fact that the lubricants have natural ingredients that are natural and beneficial to the skin.I am post menopausal but not ready to give up on our sex life. Yes VM has really helped me restore and maintain the balance needed. My husband and I really enjoyed the Double Glide experience. Following surgery I was extremely dry and uncomfortable.I have had a Hysterectomy and do not have a regular partner and so dryness and splitting of the vaginal walls was a big big problem. Thank you ""After a seemingly endless cycle of yeast and bacterial infections, I was still experiencing an extreme and painful amount of dryness.My Doctor recommended using vaseline and this did not work. I knew that a lubricant was needed, but was afraid that it could trigger more infections. We also tried the included OB sachet and are now obsessed with that product as well.

I thank the scientists who work for Yes Yes from the bottom of my heart.

""You are such a wonderful company, offering such great products to women.

I have written this before, but thank you so very much for what you do!

""My OBGYN advised that my vaginal walls were thinning and dry.

She prescribed a cream containing estrogen which was very expensive and not without side effects. ""Thank you for your safe, organic, pleasure enhancing products.

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