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Other measures alfalfa producers can take to avoid blister beetles in the hay are: • Spray entire fields with a short residual insecticide just before harvesting.

Spray the fence rows and field borders as well; or, • Inspect fields shortly before cutting and spray only the infested areas if any are found.

Adult beetles mate and the females lay eggs during the summer in shallow cavities in the soil.

These eggs hatch in the fall and the larvae immediately begin searching for grasshopper eggs to consume.

Cantharidin is highly toxic when ingested by horses or other livestock and may cause illness and even death in these animals.

It is a very stable compound that retains its toxicity to livestock even when dried remains of beetles, that have been killed in the harvesting process, are fed along with forage.

This beetle has several black and orange stripes along the back (Figure 2).

All fatalities caused by blister beetle toxicity in horses examined by Oklahoma State University veterinarians have been caused by the striped blister beetle.

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Cutting without using crimpers and avoiding wheel traffic on freshly cut alfalfa are two of the best ways to avoid problems.

Remains of blister beetles may be concentrated in a small portion of the hay from a field.

Beetles are also killed and trapped when forage is driven on before the beetles have had time to escape.

When spraying fields for control of other insect pests, also spray border areas to reduce chances of blister beetle migration.

Blister beetle contaminated hay is almost always the result of beetles being crushed prior to baling.

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