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Anglesea and Carnarvonshire were blessed with a powerful revival in 1848, and the following year.

It is reported that one of the revivals at Llangeitho had its commencement in a feeling awakened in the minds of the people, while the Rev.

And lastly, to return home, the principality of Wales, by no means a stranger to revivals in years gone by, has also in these days been blessed with an abundant outpour­ing of “the latter rain.” (It would be difficult to furnish the exact number and dates of the revivals with which the principality has been favoured. The “great revival” as it is called, commenced in 1762.

There was another in 1791, and a most remarkable awakening took place in 1817.

We have included Phillips' "Preliminary Observations" and 2 of the 7 chapters. Who can foresee what may be the condition of the nations of Europe even in one short year? But we will not fear, come what may - “He doeth all things well;” and if we love Him, we may be sure that all things, whether in the great world or in our own more immediate circle, will “work together for our good.” But while the principles of evil and selfishness in a va­riety of forms are more active now than at any former period in the world’s history, it is very gratifying to see that God has at the same time put it into the heart of His own people to be more zealous and active in their efforts to extend His kingdom.

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In all these places, from the lips and hearts of the thousands who attended them, One Prayer has ascended up before God’s throne: “O Lord, revive Thy work in the midst of the years” - “ Wilt Thou not revive us again, that Thy people may rejoice in Thee?This, however, is a very simple one, though it may require Faith to receive and adopt it - these are “times of refreshing from the Presence Of The Lord.” The Lord has caused His people to feel more deeply than ever the need of a gracious Revival, not only in the world, but also in the Church; and this feeling has found expres­sion in prayer, more generally and more intensely than at any former period within our memory.In the closet, at the family altar, and in the public congregation, this great blessing has been sought with persevering earnestness.This rare book, published in 1860 as the first comprehensive account of the 1859 revival in Wales, was written by an eye-witness of this awesome awakening who shares his story along with other observers from all parts of Wales. Whether we turn our eyes to the political, or the scientific, or the in­tellectual, or the religious world, there is everywhere an uneasy travailing, a spirit of unrest, to be seen. If important events had succeeded each other as rapidly from the beginning of the world as they do now, any tolerably full knowledge of history would be an impossible acquirement.The author is concerned less with the emotional and numerical effects experienced (and there were plenty of both) but rather with the clear marks of authentic revival. But it may be that the time is short, and that there are yet many things remaining to be accomplished. He works out His own purposes in His own way, and by His own instruments.

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