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It's a shocking story that Michael Pappa, Dilione's lawyer, is fighting to keep out of the courtroom - and away from a jury.Pappa is hoping Justice James Burke will rule the confession inadmissible due to the fact that Dilione had not yet been read his rights before the fateful phone call.With great party cities like Newark and Jersey City, there are plenty of sexy singles and swingers looking to hookup at the local bar and club scene.If you are living in Jersey and looking for an adult dating site to hook up on, then look no further than Suspects James Rackover, 26, and Lawrence 'Larry' Dilione, 29, are charged with killing Comunale during a party at a luxury Upper East Side apartment in November 2016, after an argument over a cigarette got out of hand.Former Oceanport, New Jersey mayor Gordon Gemma took the stand on Thursday, when he was quizzed by prosecutors about his son Max's statement that Rackover 'smashed (Comunale’s) head on the floor' - an exchange that brought the victim's father to tears, according to the New York Daily News.

Court documents filed by co-defendant Max Gemma's attorney, Mark Bederow, allege that Rackover flew into a rage at the party during the fistfight between Comunale and Dilione. As authorities investigated the suspicious bag call, it was determined that Comunale, who worked as a sales associate at for security product company Tri-Ed Ltd., had visited the exact same luxury building. I can’t see him doing something like that.'Also on Sunday night, the NYPD received an unrelated 911 call about a man dragging a suspicious trash bag out of the fancy co-op building, which is located at 418 East 59th Street in Midtown East, sources told the TV station.The lawsuit also alleged that Jeffrey let Rackover borrow his Mercedes-Benz to dispose of the victim's dismembered remains on the Jersey Shore.Rackover's grandfather spoke to the Daily News and said of his grandson: 'To me, he was a sweet loving kid.

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