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27th, 2017Some sex workers are attempting to protect themselves against the bill by building platforms beyond the reach of American authorities.

Similarly, Nook, Barnes & Noble's e-book publishing platform, began terminating the accounts of erotica writers without warning last summer.

A common thread with many of these moves is to strip an often-marginalized group of its ability to make money.

As my colleague Violet Blue wrote, "Lawmakers did not fact-check the bill's claims, research the religious neocons behind it, nor did they listen to constituents." That's not to mention that FOSTA-SESTA contravenes the First Amendment's protection of free speech.

The fallout has been dramatic, with the website Survivors Against SESTA documenting the litany of changes that have taken place.

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Not even private discussions are safe, with Microsoft reportedly claiming the right to examine your content to investigate complaints.Accounts can either be marked by the users themselves or moderators as containing "sensitive content." Like the effects of a shadowban, these accounts won't appear in hashtags or searches, even if you look for their specific username.This sensitive-content filter is also activated by default, thereby erasing and silencing these individuals without having to give them an official ban. In 'privacy and safety', scroll down to safety and untick 'hide sensitive content', tick others you'd like.Last year, Patreon flip-flopped on moves to prohibit sex workers from earning money through the site.That wound up potentially harming a number of sex workers who were economically vulnerable and relied on the site for income.

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