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Has he ever cut a cake, shared a Ramzan feast or sung a Bollywood number on Skype for his Pakistani family, I ask Abdullah.

“If I sing, I think that’s the moment Indian and Pakistan might ban Skype,” he says.

“I had heard she (grandmother) said her marriage vows over the phone and a few weeks later she left for Pakistan.

A quick round of “haalchaal (how are you)” and “khairyat (all well?

)” conversations with his relatives in Karachi and Islamabad works for him. “We don’t talk politics.” Abdullah and his wife Nayab in Lucknow.

‘Trunk calls’, that ’70s perversity where one trekked to the local booth and shelled out Rs 400 for a 10-minute talk, or booked an international call days in advance on the neighbour’s phone, was thankfully over by the ’80s.

Direct telephony between India and Pakistan had begun.

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