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Getsumei Byakugan (Moonlight White Eye)The Moonlight White Eye is a form similar to that of the Mangekyo Sharingan of the regular Byakugan.

The eye is more powerful than a common Byakugan and the person is born with it rather than having to kill someone to gain the form.

The weaker the metal is the lower the chakra consumption is and vice versa for the stronger forms of metal. This attribute also affects a person's ability to regain health outside of combat and resist specials types of damage from things such as poison, chakra draining, paralysis, burns, etc.1 VIT = 25 HP1 VIT = .5 HP REGENThe Dexterity attribute determines the person's overall movement.

This elemental bloodline limit is the ancestor of the current Steel Release bloodline limit, a weaker form. This attribute affects a person's accuracy, evasion, speed, and ability to land critical strikes on an opponent in close, mid, and long range combat.

When the bloodline is dormant it grants the user extremely hard and thick skin.

Like the Araton bloodline a user can use it without being severely drained of chakra. This attribute affects the amount of damage a person can inflict on another with Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, bladed, or blunt objects.

The Getsumei Byakugan show's up every 50 years in one person of the Hyuga clan only.

It grants the person a powerful form of chakra control, capable of turning their clan's Hakke (Eight Trigrams) into a spacial void near their opponent as well as a powerful extended vision and a powerful affinity for Suiton techniques.

A Flash of Steel: The Jinton, the ability to grant one tremendous speed virtually impossible for the eye to see and the swiftness to evade all incoming attacks.

The Koton, the ability to increase defensive and offensive capabilities to their utmost peak.

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