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He stated, “The perfect day, night, date for me would be to have an incredible meal somewhere… Thankfully I’m a dancer and I can burn it off.” He added, “Other than dance, which takes up so much of my time, when I get together with my friends and go out try out the new hot restaurant in town, that’s definitely my idea of a good time.” But surprisingly, when we asked Spencer what pop icon he would like to be for a day, he did not choose a choreographer or a director or even a great chef. I’m a little bit of a hippie at heart.” Watch for more Spencer Liff routines as Sisters Amy and Nancy Harrington have made a career based on their love of pop culture.My best friend and roommate for many years is a wine sommelier and he’s spoiled me… As writers, they create positive entertainment content for their own website, Pop Culture Passionistas.It wasn’t what I expected for the nominating committee to look at something that was a little bit more playful and musical theater and Broadway-based to put that up in the same categories as again this year there are some incredible contemporary pieces nominated.” But he is honored to be included in the list of nominees, “I love what’s nominated and I love being part of that… when you see who you’re nominated up against and I knew all the numbers and you think, ‘Wow, I fit in there.I fit in that group.’ That’s so cool.” Spencer, who started his professional career dancing on Broadway with the inimitable Tommy Tune on , credits the choreographer/director with shaping his path.It ended up being a great lighthearted number for the finale, which was filled with a lot more serious dances.” Despite the number of Emmys the series has won over the seasons, Spencer says that getting a nod is the furthest thing from his mind when he’s creating a dance.“All you think about is wanting is to get a number that’s a hit for the kids, that’s you’re happy with at the end of the day.

Spencer's most recent Broadway show was the Lincoln Center Theater revival of the groundbreaking musical Falsetto's.

He replied, “It’s very cool, surreal and definitely unexpected. He explained, “I was nominated for three pieces that were all very, very different which is why I’m really proud of it because they’re totally different vibes and styles.” The jailor routine (pictured above) was danced by Ashley Rich and Chris Koehl and depicted a young woman visiting her man, who was behind bars.

The best phone call I ever got woken up at in the morning for.” The way the award works in the choreography category is the individual (or producers of a show) submit a sampling of numbers from a season. Spencer recalled, “It was early on, it was the top 20 show so it was right at the beginning of the season and I actually loved it. They got put on the Hot Tamale Train for it, which was great.” He also did a number for the eventual winner of Season 8, Melanie Moore. “I had this idea for a while of wanting to do a story about a choreographer and a dancer alone in a dance studio.

It’s the furthest thing from my mind.” Spencer admitted to being a bit shocked by the Emmy nod, not because of his work, but because of the themes.

“Broadway has never been nominated before for the show. It’s always the very serious contemporary pieces that are about cancer and about addiction and things that are about a more serious context.

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