Ssis updating data

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To monitor SSIS performance – consider using Apex SQL BI Monitor, a web application that monitors system, SSAS, SSIS and SSRS performance in real time.Marko is an IT and technical education teacher, who likes movies, video games, and heavy metal music.

The image on the right side represents imported data into the SQL database, from the Excel worksheet to the left Using this method, data from the same excel sheet can be imported in the selected table until there is no modifications in excel with data types.

Both of these connections can be created by right click on the Connection Manager in the Solution Explorer, and choosing the New Connection Manager from the drop down list, like shown in the image below From the list of the connections in the New Connection Manager dialog, the Excel connection will be used to connect the external Excel worksheet with the project.

Clicking the Browse button, Excel file can be connected with the task like shown in the image below Note: The external Excel worksheet must have the “xls” extension.

That could be done from the Mappings tab like shown in the image below Not all the columns from the source need to be imported.

Mapping is a way of filtering the input data, and pointing to the specific columns in the database table, where the column from the source will be imported.

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