Symantec endpoint managed client not updating

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But, the side british prevail asian dating in houston texas profile once once single costs with Symantec Endpoint Show Manager.For Windows XP deployment the path will be “C:\Documents and Settings\all users\dell\kace\downloads6\setup.exe”. I left the defaults for “Deploy Order” (10), “Max Attempts” (3), and “Deployment Window” “0” and “24”. I used a Post-Install User Message and did not test any other type. After that deploys, and now you find you need a 64-bit installation of the SEP client 12.1.1101.401, go back to your Managed installation and upload the 64-bit install file, and also change the Deployment to Machines section to be 64-bit clients, and click “Save”.Disclaimer: these paths work only if you have not changed the default path on your client computers that a Managed Installation deploys to. That also will deploy according to the parameter chosen in “Managed Action”.There is one limitation: you can use KACE 1000 to deploy either a 32-bit OR a 64-bit installation package at any one time, but cannot deploy both concurrently.This limitation is due to limitations with both the Symantec product and the Dell KACE product.

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