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These boundary stratotypes are the linchpins of global chronostratigraphic units—essentially, the points of reference that mark time within the rock—and serve as the point of departure for global correlation.

Several boundary stratotypes have been identified within Tertiary rocks.

During that interval, the Tethys Sea expanded onto the continental margins of Africa and Eurasia and left extensive deposits of nummulitic rocks, which are made up of shallow-water carbonates.

Sediments of Tertiary age are widely developed on the deep ocean floor and on elevated seamounts as well.

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Volcanic activity in the North Atlantic was associated with the rifting and separation of Eurasia from North America, which occurred on a line between Scandinavia and Greenland and left a stratigraphic record in the marine sedimentary basin of England and in ash deposits as far south as the Bay of Biscay.Miocene deposits are found as far north as Alaska; Eocene deposits are found in eastern Canada; and Paleocene deposits are located in Greenland.Deposits of Paleogene age occur on Seymour Island near the Antarctic Peninsula, and Neogene deposits containing marine diatoms (silica-bearing marine phytoplankton) have recently been identified intercalated between glacial tills on Antarctica itself.It is only in more recent times that the international geologic community has formulated a philosophical framework for stratigraphy.By specifying the lower limits of rock units deposited during successive increments of geologic time at designated points in the rock record (called stratotypes), geologists have established a series of calibration points, called Global Boundary Stratotype Sections and Points (GSSPs), at which time and rock coincide.

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