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For a bottle of Sol that he imbibed on a rooftop in May, he doused the background in a sunny, eye-popping yellow and orange.A painting of the hippie-approved Flower Power IPA is set within a funky, explosive pattern; the bottle’s neck is ever-so-slightly curved, as if under the influence of subtle psychedelics.“A lot of the art I do now, I use it as a way to become more involved in my surroundings, a way to meet people and enjoy my neighborhood more,” Sanford says.We created the Ultimate Dating Survival Guide for the Home Entertainment release of How To Be Single.Chock full of original content in the form of tips, rules, etiquette and lingo to help singles traverse the world of dating.That can be dangerous—the social component of his project, and a few painting trade deals that it spawned, have left him with a daunting amount of credit at local watering holes.

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Perhaps closest in spirit to Sanford’s own project is the ongoing, interactive performance Tom Marioni launched in 1970: an immersive sculpture with furniture and free beer that bears the self-explanatory title ).

Initially, Sanford viewed his beer-painting habit as a variation on Andy Warhol’s use of soup cans.

“He started painting soup because every day he’d have a can for lunch—he’s painting his everyday life.

I picked a few bottles of Bell’s Oberon for the occasion—a Michigan beer whose wobbly logo of a sun has always reminded me of fan-art made by a Dave Matthews Band follower.

“This is an attractive label,” the artist says, approvingly.

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