Today show speed dating dogs

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If you ever got the inkling that your dog was a lot smarter than it appeared, you were probably right.

We tend to think of pets as small minded creatures despite their very clear signs of intelligence.

In any event, the dog’s nose is so unique that you need to be aware of it as well to keep abreast of your pet’s health.

You can see quite a few symptoms of sickness just by monitoring a dogs snout.

So if you are always tired after school, just realize how much work your own dog does to be able to learn to communicate with you.

We aren’t sure how this myth originally began getting passed around but it is high time that we put it to bed.

Dogs are wonderful, beautiful, and intelligent creatures.

In fact, if dogs were any smarter we fear that they would realize humans aren’t all they are cracked up to be!

This number sounds impressive enough but it is put in stark reality next to that of a dogs.

Dogs are the best friends to humans and there really is no doubting that.

You can be a ‘cat person’ or a ‘bird person’ but dogs will always hold the number one spot in our heart.

To put things in even simpler perspective the average dog can sense up to 100,000 better than the average human.

Imagine if your kids could sense as well as your dogs, you would need some easy breakfast ideas for kids that smelled great!

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