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The aim is to avoid “getting distracted doing things that don’t play to our strengths”, explains recruitment manager Heidi Pitt-Cramman.The structure clearly distinguishes between two types of manager: technical specialists and people specialists.But how do you quantify the quality and impact of something so intangible?Over the past few months, working with job site and employer-rating platform Glassdoor, we’ve developed a methodology to identify real-life examples of great culture and leadership in the UK.RHP hires for behaviours before technical skills, so those who join already live its values.

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The challenge for the management team is to keep them engaged.“If we all live our values every day, we’ll not only achieve our values, but we’ll be doing it with an ethos that sets us apart,” says Pitt-Cramman.“The eventual goal is for Equal Experts to become a self- governing organisation, with individuals making informed and responsible decisions through collaboration,” explains the tech consultancy’s CEO, Thomas Granier.There is a strong relationship between culture and financial outcomes, says Granier: “When people enjoy what they are doing, they create better work, day in, day out.Great work makes our customers happy, and they ask us to do more for them. “This growth is reflected in our financial figures.

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