Tv dating show the choice

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" Contestant 1: "Curry flavoured, because I like to be hot AND spicy! " Subtext: "Pick me and we'll have sex." Contestant 2: "Beef flavour, because I like a man with some meat! " Subtext: "Pick me and we'll have sex." Contestant 3: "Obvious really, tomato sauce flavour because when you pick me I'll be getting saucy with you! But, just before the final decision had to be made, in came "Our Graham" (the voice-over man) to sum up the three girls with something like: "Well, will you pick number one, she's hot and spicy but promises not to give you a bad case of halitosis.Or will you pick number two who likes a bit of meat, maybe you should take a butchers! " The player now had to dig deep and decide which of the lucky girls was going to be going on a date with him, but not before he got to see the two he turned down. "and how could you turn down Number two, the lovely Claire from Bradford?

The Bachelor gives a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of each person involved in this unique dating process.

Made up example: Questioner: "I really like crisps.

If you were a crisp flavour, which one would you be? And have sex." And so it went on for two more questions.

Finally, it was well-known in the industry that many people used the show as a stepping stone to stardom, rather than as a serious attempt to find a compatible partner. Then in 2017, Channel 5 said they would give it a go, with Paul O'Grady the Liverpudlian to replace Our Cilla. Oh how we split our sides when we saw him go on the plane, sitting next to a photo of his date!

And more than one newspaper journalist went on the show just for the purpose of getting the "inside scoop" story about the Blind Date Experience. In 1998, the journey for one Blind Date was all planned, all the crew were ready to go and film it, everyone had their passports. What was even funnier was watching Cilla Black trying to fill up the time in the interview!

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