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For example, if someone uses hurtful words, they’re often expressing a deep-seated pattern of feeling that they have to defend themselves from others – meaning that they’re afraid of hurt* Remember that we are all souls in human bodies – our actions are a result of the patterns and beliefs we’ve taken on in life.

Your Twin isn’t a “bad person” if they did something hurtful.

We feel that Forgiveness means to give up our power, that it makes us weak, that it makes us “spineless” and that it somehow entails letting someone treat us as a doormat.

Here’s how it works: When you’re holding resentment or anger toward your Twin, you’re actually holding the hurt inside your own being.

Ask them to please take back any cords they’ve had in your Twin Flame, if they are ready.

Many if not most people, have a subconscious belief trigger that causes a lot of resistance in the face of Forgiveness.Needless to say, you don’t want to paste your energy onto someone who’s going through some difficult issues, and you don’t want them to paste their energy onto you either.Both our Twin, ourselves and anyone else we’ve encountered in life.This also helps your counterpart to move past the energetic pattern and actually behave differently and “better” in the future.* Consider the other person’s perspective – try to put yourself in their shoes, why did they do what they did, why did they say what they said?There is usually a different explanation than what we’ve perceived from our perspective of anger.

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