Updating dataset without dataadapter

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If Source Column refers to a nonexistent column, the action taken depends on one of the following Missing Mapping Action values.The Source Column property is also used to map the value for output or input/output parameters back to the Data Set.However, you can create a Sql Command Builder or Ole Db Command Builder object to automatically generate SQL statements for single-table updates if you set the Select Command property of a . Then, any additional SQL statements that you do not set are generated by the Command Builder.This generation logic requires key column information to be present in the Data Set. After any data is loaded back into the Data Set, the On Row Updated event is raised, allowing the user to inspect the reconciled Data Set row and any output parameters returned by the command.Calling the Accept Changes method or Accept Changes method will commit all changes in the Data Set or Data Table.If either of these methods are called before the Update method is called, no changes will be committed when the Update method is called, unless further changes have been made since Accept Changes or Accept Changes was called.Open(); var cmd = new Sql Command("SELECT * FROM TAGS$",connection To SQL); var da = new Sql Data Adapter(cmd); var b = new Sql Command Builder(da); foreach (Data Row r in dt. Update(dt); It's difficult to tell what is being asked here.

(the SQL table exists because of a manual import to SQL from the original Excel spreadsheet, has a primary key set.I suspect what you want is "Ad Criteria Key" behaviour.One possible solution might be to NOT use Sql Command Builder, and simply write the INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE Sql Commands yourself, and attach them to Sql Data Adapter. There's some example code at : EDIT : the Sql Command Builder in versions 2.0 and later have a Conflict Option property.It should be noted that these statements are not performed as a batch process; each row is updated individually.An application can call the Get Changes method in situations where you must control the sequence of statement types (for example, INSERT before UPDATE).

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