Updating facebook via mobile

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Earlier this month, Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg told Reuters in an interview that his company would apply the EU law globally “in spirit,” but stopped short of committing to it as the standard for the social network across the world. privacy laws, said Michael Veale, a technology policy researcher at University College London.

In practice, the change means the 1.5 billion affected users will not be able to file complaints with Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner or in Irish courts. Facebook will have more leeway in how it handles data about those users, Veale said. One Irish official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said he did not know of any plans by Facebook to transfer responsibilities wholesale to the United States or to decrease Facebook’s presence in Ireland, where the social network is seeking to recruit more than 100 new staff.

“We’ve simply streamlined the contract location to ensure all members understand the Linked In entity responsible for their personal data,” the company said.

I'm wondering if this issue is less about privacy issues but something to do with the fact that in addition to my normal Facebook page, I also manage another facebook page for a separate group.

I’m sure once you update your status using this trick,your friends would flood your wall with comments and likes Use this trick and fool your friends but make sure you share this post with them later.

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Here are some methods of updating your Facebook profile when on the go or while using some of the other networks and services you already use.An easy to use Firefox extension called Fire Status can enable you to update your Facebook status right from a collapsible tray at the bottom of your browser.It also includes a URL shortening function as well, and you can set whether you'd like tiny URL or url Borg as your short URL service in the preferences.Facebook members outside the United States and Canada, whether they know it or not, are currently governed by terms of service agreed with the company’s international headquarters in Ireland.Next month, Facebook is planning to make that the case for only European users, meaning 1.5 billion members in Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America will not fall under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which takes effect on May 25.

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