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The problem is this job is sometimes stuck at 0% for several hours. Sometimes I'm restarting the Timer Job, and clearing the cache to resolve this issue.

But a few times unable to fix the issue with these steps.

This message is incorrect, and is due to a change in how versioning is done for ASP.

most of which are missing key information needed to *really* get it to work.The F5 debugging mode figures this out for you, and starts a convinient browser window for you to play around with the app.Other than that, it is the same as debugging it manually.I hope it will very soon – in the meantime, in order to enable debugging, you need to run it as Administrator: IIS7 in Vista and Longhorn server has been completely modularized to reduce the security surface area and improve performance, and installs a pretty small set of features by default.In order to enable F5 debugging, you will need at minimum the following components: Turn Windows Features on and off: After doing this, you may get the following error if you attempt to debug: Always press No.

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