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Another option is to manually download the Windows Installer 4.5 Redistributable and install after deleting the file in downloaded program files» ··· id=8483#What Norwegian said... Delete the contents of the c:\windows\software distribution folder. I tried norwegian 's idea but there was nothing in the C:\Windows\Software Distribution folder. Once you reboot and go to Windows Updates it will ask you to install the Active X control.

I went was able to get Microsoft Fix 50777 which got me the Custom and Express options for the updates. Hopefully it'll be like what redwolfe_98 said about running for about 40 minutes. I did this and in about 20 minutes WU actually worked..

Wait a while (5~ minutes) after implementing this change because Windows will be silently updating the Windows Update components built in to Windows.

The Windows Update/Microsoft Update webpages will not allow access unless Windows "Automatic Updates" is turned on.

) during installation choose the option to also install updates.

(The updates will fail to install if you don't have the Active X control mentioned in Step 2 installed.)Step 7: Reboot your computer after installation is complete.

the purpose for rebooting the computer is to shut down whatever windows "automatic updates" might be doing, like causing "svchost" to hang..(i think i know what the problem is, but, if i was to say, i would be banned from the forum).. Just wanted to pop back on here and thank everyone for their help.I don't believe the MS is oblivious to the issue (having been searching for a resolution for this all weekend) but I believe that MS just doesn't want to put any effort into a 12 year old OS with only 7 months of support left. With a combination of the instructions above, I was able to get my XP machine updating again. I'm not 100% sure LOL, but it's updating and back online. You know I initially read this then decided don't need it.I know Microsoft are about to quite on the old girl, and has quit IE6, but if you are updating the least they could do it detect you do not have IE8 and install it or the needed updates first.SP3 and NET framework will not allow other installers without sorting them specifically - so it is possible to help the end user bypass the lack of support for XP SP1 install media etc..

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