Updating table of contents in word

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From the text that was written, it's now necessary to put a style in the titles "Introduction", " Initial situation ", " Determination of the problem " and "Development". It's only after this step is completed that you can generate a table of contents at the appropriate place. It's for that reason that you must put the right "style" in the right subject. The introduction is a main subject of any document. At the very beginning of one of the toolbars, you'll find the list of the styles. To be able to have the text in the table of contents, you should give a style to this text. As for a text that has subjects and sub-subjects, table of contents also. From the list of the possible styles, select the option " Heading 1 ".If you press the button Options, you can determine if the entrances(entries) of the table of contents result from the list of the styles or the fields of entry of table. If, on the other hand, you added, to remove or to change of the text for the table of contents, select the second option: Update all the table. For the example, we are going to concentrate on the characters.If you bring last minute changes to you`re document. This can change the place of all the titles of your document. You noticed certainly that as you applied a style to the titles of your document that its presentation changed. Change the font as well as the size and the color of the text your choice Once finished change the prensentation style, press the OK button.

Fortunately, Word allows you to insert a table of contents, making it easy to organize and navigate your document.

When you'll have marked all the titles that you want to find in your table of contents, you will be able to create it.

The style " Title 2 " is for the sub-subjects and so on. The main subjects are "Introduction" and "Development". Put the Heading 2 style on the titles " Initial situation " and " Determining the cause of the problem ".

A really basic table of contents might look like this: You could create a table of contents manually—typing the section names and page numbers—but it would take a lot of work.

And if you ever decide to rearrange your sections or add more information, you'll have to update everything all over again.

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