Validating special characters

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I was stuck in a scenario where i want users to register user ID and i dont want them to enter special characters like dots and just want them to enter alphabets, number and underscore in the username.I went through the documentation of the plugin and there was no such methods to strip the special characters in the plugin.This is because Is Match specifies that the match collection contains at least one match; e.g.- Which produces the following output -As you can see, the invalid string does contain a character that is not in the regular expression but Is Match still returns true.Form validation is an important to any website programming.

If the function finds a special character matched with the variable, then the alert pops up then and there.He is also the founder of Best Citizenships (BC), assisting wealthy individuals with with global citizenship and residency programs in Europe.His other interests are Linux, Machine learning, Wordpress, etc.Finally, i somehow got hold of the code that does the job through regular expression regex that checks for only numbers and a-z Mr.Balakrishnan Prabhu is the founder of Corpocrat magazine.

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